C.r.e.a Cosmetic Solutions

C.r.e.a Cosmetic Solutions is a company established based on a 40 years of experience in cosmetics business.

Our company, established on a premises of 3500 square meters closed and 10,000 square meters of open area produces mainly aerosol products such as ; men and women eau de toilettes, deodorants, air fresheners, shaving foams, hair sprays, hair foams and technical aerosols such as furniture polish, oven cleaner, cockpit spray etc...

As C.r.e.a Cosmetic Solutions, we ensure that we produce products with a very high quality from the start until they reach to our customers.

C.r.e.a Cosmetic Solutions, we export both our own brands and private label products to mainly European countries such as Holland, France, Hungary, UK, Germany, Serbia, Bulgaria, Greece, Africa and Middle East countries.


Our vision is to continue serving our worldwide customers by producing high quality products.


Our main aim is to continue our business in a good and trustworthy company environment where we ensure that we are respectful to our customers, employees and to the nature and the society.

ISO 9001:2000 Quality Certificate by TÜV Süd, (Germany)
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